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Sports Results

Week 3

1st XI Ardingly Prep 1-8 Loss
U9A The Mall 0-3 Loss
U9B The Mall 3-2 Win
U9C The Mall 2-2 Draw
U9D The Mall 1-2 Loss
U9E The Mall 4-0 Win
1st XI Twickenham Prep Tournament 1st Equal*
U10A Twickenham Prep Tournament 4th Overall
U10B Twickenham Prep Tournament CHAMPIONS

*Third on goal difference

Week 4 

U10A Homefield Prep 1-1 Draw
U10B Homefield Prep 2-1 Win
U10C Homefield Prep 1-0 Win
U10D Homefield Prep 2-3 Loss
U8C Aberdour 0-0 Draw
U8D Aberdour 2-1 Loss
U8C Hazelwood 3-0 Win
U8D Hazelwood 4-0 Win
U11A Epsom College Football Festival Lost in the Final
1st Team Westminster Cathedral Choir 2-2 Draw
2nd Team Westminster Cathedral Choir 1-1 Draw
3rd Team Westminster Cathedral Choir 3-3 Draw


Week 7 

U10A The Mall 5-2 Win
U10B The Mall 1-2 Loss
U10C The Mall 1-1 Draw
U10D The Mall 2-4 Loss
U8A Festival @ Finton House 3rd out of 12 teams

Week 8 

1st Homefield 10-0 Win
2nd Homefield 5-0 Win
U11A Prospect House 0-1 Loss
U11B Prospect House 2-2 Draw
U11C Prospect House 0-3 Loss
U11D Prospect House 0-0 Loss
U7A WCPS 0-4 Loss
U7B WCPS 5-2 Win
U7C WCPS 2-4 Loss
U7D WCPS 0-3 Loss
U7E WCPS 1-4 Loss
U11A Homefield/Kingsoowd 3-0 Loss
U11B Homefield/Kingswood 0-3 Win
U11C  Homefield/Kingswood 4-0 Loss
U11D Homefield/Kingswood 1-2 Win


Week 9 

U8A Banstead Prep 2-0 Win
U8B Banstead Prep 6-0 Win
U8C Bansted Prep 4-0 Win
U9A Banstead Prep 2-0 Win
U9B Banstead Prep 4-0 Win
U11A  Banstead Prep 0-3 Loss
U11B Banstead Prep 3-1 Win
U11C Banstead Prep 0-1 Loss
U11D Banstead Prep 3-1 Win


Week 10 

U13A ISFA Knocked out on goal difference
U11A Claremont Fan 2-3 Loss
U11B Claremont Fan 2-2 Draw
1st St Philip's 5-1 Win
2nd St Philip's 3-0 Win

Week 11 

1st Team The Hall School, Wimbledon 5-1 Win
2nd Team The Hall School, Wimbledon 3-0 Win
3rd Team The Hall School, Wimbledon 0-1 Loss
4th Team The Hall School, Wimbledon 4-1 Win