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Sports Results - RUGBY 2018

Week Two  

1st Westminster Cathedral Choir 20-10 (Win)
2nds Westminster Cathedral Choir 15-15 (Draw)
U11A Claremont Fan Court 35-20 (Win)
U11B Claremont Fan Court 55-30 (Win)


Week Three 

U10A The Mall 45-0 (Win)
U10B The Mall 20-15 (Win)
U10C The Mall 20-15 (Win)
U10D The Mall 25-50 (Loss)
U9A Banstead Prep School 35-30 (Win)
U9B Banstead Prep School 120-10 (Win)
U8A Banstead Prep 6-3 (Win)
U8B Banstead Prep 10-6 (Win)
U8C Banstead Prep 8-7 (Win)


Week Four 

U10A Homefield 50-15 (Win)
U10B Homefield 15-15 (Draw)
U10C Homefield 15-10 (Win)
U9A The Mall 10-40 (Loss)
U9B The Mall 55-25 (Win)
U9C The Mall 40-30 (Win)
U9D The Mall 110-0 (Win)
U11A Homefield 30-0 (Win)
U11A Lanesborough 5-10 (Loss)
U11B Homefield 30-5 (Win)
U11B Lanesborough 5-5 (Draw)
U11C Homefield 35-30 (Win)
U11C Lanesborough 15-35 (Loss)
U8A-E Homefield WIN