Welcome to Willington

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website, where you will be able to gain some insight into Willington School. We offer an environment where each one of the boys is supported individually in order to realise fully their potential. Outstanding academic and extra-curricular opportunities exist here and tolerance, compassion, charity and friendship permeate the daily life of all the boys.

There is no specific type of pupil. A Willington boy loves life and is supported by a staff who hold true to the school's motto non scholae sed vitae discimus - we do not learn for school, but for life. We do not teach for the sake of the test, but to enable each boy to develop intellectually, morally and socially.  Academics, artists, athletes and the adventurous are all welcome and will flourish. Our staff help the boys to find their particular strengths and hone them, whilst areas that need development are supported.

As Headmaster, my ultimate ambition is to ensure that your son leaves us as confident and articulate.  I aim for Willington boys to have the capacity to think for themselves and to lead, and the ability to work as part of a team. We foster a sense of responsibility and understanding, encouraging the boys to recognise the part they have to play in the world on a local and even on an international scale.  Some of our boys will be top flight academics, others may perhaps represent their country in their chosen sport, whilst others will produce great art and music that will lift the spirits and inspire. Whatever your hopes for your son, I would be delighted to meet you personally to discuss how we can share in his journey towards future success.

Michael Chanter, Headmaster