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An education for life for boys and girls aged 3 to 11

Welcome To Willington

Willington Independent Preparatory School has a proud history of educating boys since 1885. In June 2019, Willington announced plans to become co-educational from Reception September 2020 and to introduce a co-educational nursery for 3 year olds.  To continue the School's outstanding success at 11+, Willington will become an 11+ school by September 2021, with all pupils leaving at the end of Year 6 to their senior school.

Based in the heart of bustling Wimbledon, the School is renowned for its highly successful learning environment, where the pupils are encouraged and supported at every stage of their educational development. 

A varied curriculum offers plenty of depth, academic rigour and creative opportunities.

The extra-curricular programme further provides the pupils with physical challenges, mental stimulation and artistic expression.

Pastoral care is paramount - pupils thrive within a community of warmth, care and personal development, where parents, pupils and teachers work together to ensure the best possible outcome for every student.    Self-esteem, happiness and consistent encouragement create the foundations of success, both in and out of the classroom. 

At Willington, individual strengths are celebrated, effort is rewarded and self-worth fostered, cultivating a quiet confidence that develops our pupils into exceptional young men and women.