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From the moment a boy enters our Willington Sports programme, they are very quickly aware of the high standards we strive for in the PE and Games department.  Our committed group of coaches know exactly what it takes to produce a “Willington Sportsman” – the pursuit of excellence, strong technique across a range of sports, a good knowledge of the rules, sportsmanship and, most importantly, to thoroughly enjoy what you do, whatever your ability.  By the time a boy leaves Willington, he will have a sporting skills set for life, which will serve as a foundation for long-term player development, or simply as a social skill to join in with friends.

We do not believe that a boy is “un-sporty”, simply that he hasn’t been exposed to the right sport yet.  Throughout a boy’s time at Willington, he will be supported and encouraged to try a vast range of both team and individual sports, in order to find the one that fits him best.  We do this through our comprehensive sports programme which includes curriculum sports, clubs and external trips.  In keeping with our all-inclusive ethos, all boys have the opportunity to represent their school as we arrange fixtures for A to F teams.

We run a comprehensive Inter-House programme from Years 1 to 8 in all our curriculum sports as well as Cross Country.  Our boys are fiercely passionate about their House competitions which slowly build to a crescendo in the Spring and Summer Terms with the Swimming Gala and Sports Day respectively.  Parents and teachers matches, 6 Nations Fantasy League and other exciting events bring the whole school together in a fun and engaging way.

Looking to push the boundaries of prep school sport we have recently invested in Video Technology which we use to analyse both training sessions and matches.  This is a priceless tool in our pursuit of excellence across the subject and the boys love watching themselves on the big screen too!