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Every term the School Council lead the School in selecting a new charity. This process is driven by the boys from the initial selection of five charities to leading the whole school in selecting one.  The charities have been wide ranging and have included Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer UK, the RNLI and Monkey World.

The boys enthusiastically plan, arrange and run our highly successful annual School Council Christmas and Summer Fairs. It is inspiring to watch a group of boys aged 5–13 raising over £1,000 from a single event, with activities as varied as Silent Auctions to Lucky Dips. It is fascinating when representatives from the charities attend an Assembly to explain to the boys how their efforts have made such a big difference.

As well as fundraising fairs, other recent charity initiatives have included the now annual Art Gallery.  We have worked particularly closely with the Lunchbowl Charity, which is based in the Kibera slums in Kenya.  Possibly the most impressive project was a giant felt banner, which was constructed by over 60 boys and is now displayed in the Lunch Bowl Charity Reception Area in Kibera.

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