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The opportunity to reinforce work achieved in School with carefully chosen tasks for homework is part and parcel of School life.  Careful thought goes into developing a steady build-up of work to be undertaken that develops good habits for independent working.  Tasks are allocated on specific nights and recommended time limits on how long a task should take are given clearly.  Time needed and the complexity of the task increases as boys move higher through the School.  Work is never set simply for its own sake, but to ensure that understanding has taken place and that skills practised in class can be replicated without the direct input of the teacher.

Organisation of homework can be tracked by parents through their son's homework diaries, allowing them to see daily which tasks have been allocated and help them manage their time accordingly.  Parental input to complete a task should never be necessary, but if a pupil is struggling an email to their teacher will be responded to quickly so that the issue can be resolved.