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Sport Overview

The boys are taken by coach to the school's nearby Drax Playing Fields at Preston Road, London, SW20 0SS where training and sporting fixtures are held.


Football is played in the Autumn Term by boys in Reception to Year 8. Preparations start in earnest months earlier with the arrangement of suitable fixtures to give as many boys as possible the opportunity to experience a competitive match atmosphere, for whatever standard they may be.  Willington football is about inclusivity but, at the same time, the aim is to develop skillful, confident players who enjoy playing and improving their game.

The boys are encouraged to develop their skills in small coached groups from an early age and, as they progress through the school, positional play and tactics begin to be intertwined with the basic attributes. The boys are encouraged to have as many touches of the ball in training as possible.

The boys have also benefitted from, and enjoyed, the experience of European tours and have pitted their wits against European opposition in tournaments. The Football House Competition forms an integral part of the season and all boys are encouraged to participate. There are also many tournaments and Festivals that the boys take part in, including our own Willington Prep School Tournament. All these have produced successes for the School in recent years.  



The aims of Willington rugby are to ensure that all players from Year 3 through to Year 8 are physically and technically prepared to play rugby in a safe and enjoyable environment.  Player safety is paramount at Willington. Much time is spent on learning and practising safe and correct techniques in all contact areas of the game, especially in the tackle and the scrum. Rugby fixtures are played during the Spring Term by Year 3 through to Year 8 against other schools of similar size.


Cricket is taught during the Summer Term to all year groups from Year 2 to Year 8. There is an emphasis on skill and technique development in the lower year groups. Basic skills such as grip, stance, shot techniques, bowling actions, fielding techniques and basic strategy are taught to the younger boys in preparation for fixtures in later years.

From Year 4 to 8 technique and skill are still taught where possible, but emphasis is on fixtures against other schools of similar size. Boys could be expected to play between five and ten matches in a season. The 1st XI and Colts XI are the busiest teams playing many matches and also touring to other schools in nearby Sussex and Kent.

Our aim at Willington is to provide every boy in the school with the basic skills needed to enjoy a game of cricket and to give them experience playing in a competitive match. Many boys continue to play cricket at school or club level after leaving Willington in Year 8 and we hope that this trend continues.


Swimming is a valuable life skill. Boys have free swimming lessons once a week from Year 1 through to Year 6. In Years 4-8 there is also the option of an after school Swimming Club on Mondays, for which there is a nominal charge. Stroke technique is developed and pupils obtain distance and challenge awards based on the guidelines of the Amateur Swimming Association. Some of our more talented swimmers completed time trials in the Boys National Independent Prep School Swimming Championships. Others have had the opportunity to take part in the English Schools Swimming Association County Galas. Every year there is a Willington inter-house Swimming Gala for boys in Years 4-8. Competition is strong and medals and trophies are awarded. All boys show wonderful team spirit and sportsmanship.

Physical Education 

Physical Education provides opportunities for pupils to be creative, competitive and cooperative.  PE is aimed at developing pupils' physical competence and confidence and their ability to use these to perform in a range of activities. It promotes physical skilfulness and development and knowledge of the body in action. Boys face different challenges as individuals and as part of groups and teams. The learning of rules for team games is an important element and pupils are taught these rules at an early age. Good sportsmanship is fundamental in all team sports.

In the Autumn Term the focus is on gymnastics. Pupils work individually, with a partner and in groups. There is floor work, use of the climbing frame, springboard and climbing ropes. There is also an emphasis on fitness (after the long summer holiday) and obstacle courses are designed with this aim in mind.

In the Spring Term the focus is on ball skills. Large, small and medium sized balls are used to develop manipulation and hand-eye, foot-eye coordination. An emphasis on balance and control is fundamental in improving these skills.

In the Summer Term the focus is on the skills required to use bats, racquets, hockey sticks and pucks. Again, hand-eye coordination, balance and control are developed.

Emphasis is put on the inclusion of every pupil.