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Art & Design Technology

The Art and Design Technology Department at Willington School allows the pupils to explore different techniques, styles and methods of approach. 

We make use of individual work, experimentation and exploration of the various elements of the visual, tactile and sensory language of art, craft and design. The children experience a wide range of artwork and materials through a curriculum designed to stimulate their imagination and creativity.  Techniques explored include drawing, painting, printing, sculpting, textiles and mixed media in Art and a range of design challenges with a wide range of tools and materials in Design and Technology. 

Art lessons are planned to help the children to foster their creative talents and appreciate various types of art and artists.  The Design and Technology lessons teach pupils to develop problem solving skills and encourage an understanding of different materials and their uses.  An Annual Arts Festival offers the opportunity for a diverse range of artist-led workshops and there are several educational visits to museums and galleries. 

An Art Scholarship programme is in place for those who demonstrate a talent and passion for Art.