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School Council

“Helping every child to engage and lead change in their world”

Our School Council is run by using the Smart School Council community. Our aim is to help every child to engage and lead change in their world through democracy. The Smart School Council believes that every child’s voice should be heard and involved while they’re at school, and that pupils can learn a broad range of key skills as a result.

The programme explicitly involves every child in the school, from Nursery through to Year 6. The child friendly structure is a simple model and is easy to understand for the children. Each week the Smart School Council members email a critical question to each form group to discuss during Form Time and vote on their answers. The Form Time session is run by the children themselves and allows the children to take ownership for running a democratic system. It is a simple step by step process which also gives reflection time for the previous week’s question. Their responses are submitted back to the Smart School Council group and any action points are noted and planned.