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Floyd Steadman OBE

Equality, Diversion and Inclusion in Modern Society

It was 33 years ago that Floyd Steadman walked into the lecture hall to pass on his knowledge and wisdom to me at Borough Road College. Four years later he mentored me on my final teaching practice at St Paul’s Juniors. It felt like a circle was completed today as I welcomed Floyd to Willington Prep to address the staff and to tell his inspiring story. Often touching, and in parts emotional, he took them on his remarkable journey with a humility that few possess. 

If you want to teach how important equality, diversity and inclusion is in modern society, then look no further than a man who grew up in the most adverse circumstances. Overcoming unconscious bias and racism, his rise to Headship in four independent schools is testament to his character and the values that he lives his life by. If you read one book, ‘A Week One Summer’ will open your eyes to a world you will find hard to comprehend, yet too many experience. 

Thank you Floyd. 

Keith Brown