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At Willington we teach Computer Science to all pupils from Years 1-8. Learning how to code from an early age has been part of our ethos for many years now. For those that do not know, code is a term that refers to the language in which computer programs, apps and websites are written in.

A five year old Year 1 pupil at Willington will be able to explain to you what an algorithm is and how they use them in their programs. By the time they reach Year 8 they will have designed numerous programs, a website and worked in teams to develop an app.

We work on a number of other projects too, from stop frame animation to robotics.

Willington works closely with a number of organisations to ensure that our curriculum is innovative, challenging and fun. We are part of the CAS Network of Excellence and ambassadors for the Appsforgood program.

One of the School’s most popular clubs is Code Club and we believe that this shows how much our pupils enjoy the subject.

The School has recently invested in a brand new state-of-the-art computer suite with touchscreen high spec machines and a class set of iPads.  Across the School, our use of IT is evident in every classroom - each room has a computer and Interactive Projector.  We also have School-wide Wi-Fi, which provides access to high speed fibre internet.