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Welcome to the 'House' section of our website where we celebrate the vibrant spirit of our four unique houses at Willington: Tenzing, Earhart, Coleman, and Oates. Each one named after a distinguished figure from history, these houses represent not just our school community, but also our commitment to fostering a sense of belonging, team spirit, and leadership in all our pupils.

Our house system is a vital part of life here. We believe that it brings out the best in every child by promoting positive competition, teamwork, and mutual respect. Each pupil, upon joining us, becomes a member of one of our houses, instantly becoming part of a supportive and nurturing family that extends beyond their own classroom.

Named after Tenzing Norgay, Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman, and Lawrence Oates, these houses embody the spirit of adventure, resilience, courage, and the pursuit of knowledge that we aim to cultivate in our pupils. Each house is proud to bear the legacy of these pioneers, inspiring our children to reach for the stars and strive for personal excellence.

The highlight of our house system is the exciting range of competitions that take place throughout the academic year. These contests are not just about winning; they are about having fun, creating memories, and learning the importance of both individual effort and teamwork. From math Olympiads to sports days and music festivals, each competition is an opportunity for our children to showcase their talents, develop new skills, and contribute to their house's success.

Our house system helps to instill a sense of pride and belonging in our children, which in turn contributes to their personal and academic growth.