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Mathematics is a central part of the curriculum at Willington. In full acknowledgment of its primary position as a fundamental life skill, we make it accessible to every pupil regardless of ability. This is achieved through the provision of small group support, in addition to the presentation of the subject through a variety of multi-sensory approaches, which include written and mental exercises, online computer assignments, as well as concrete practical work. Skills are taught and practised until they are mastered.

In the Junior years, we impart core skills through exploration and experimentation. We teach children the language of Mathematics and strategies to use, as their understanding deepens and broadens.

In Years 4, 5 and 6, as children develop confidence in the subject, we encourage them to investigate and explore further key topics such as number, algebra, shape and space, and data handling.

From Year 6, the syllabus is aimed towards the Common Entrance examinations, with an extended curriculum for our Scholarship candidates.

The Department actively extends the learning of Mathematics to other subjects where applicable: scale and data mapping in Geography; statistics and the interpretation of experimental results, formulae and graphs in Science; patterns and geometry in Art.

The Maths Department is keen to extend the boys’ participation in Mathematics beyond the requirements of the curriculum and Common Entrance examinations.  We welcome opportunities to participate in competitions and Maths Challenges: inter-school competitions at a regional level and The Primary and Junior Maths Challenges at national level.