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The Pre-Prep base their academic programme around the National Strategies for Numeracy and Literacy.  The National Curriculum provides an important structure for the teaching of core and foundation subjects.  Junior forms are taught by class teachers and the boys receive specialist teaching for PE and Games, Sport, French and Music.  The specialist lessons allow the children to experience diverse teaching methods and learning environments.


Year 1 

Children entering Year 1 will find that their day has become more structured and formal, with an emphasis on continuing to develop their confidence in Reading, Maths and English. The staff engage the boys with enjoyable practical activities, such as role playing and interactive games to make the leaning environment exciting and thought provoking.

Part of the fun of Year 1 is going on educational trips to support the learning in the classroom, such as visiting the home of British motor racing, Brooklands Museum, where we learn about the history of transport and also trying some hands on Science experiments at The Lookout Discovery Centre.

In English, we follow the Collins Treasure House scheme, which promotes the development of reading, writing, spelling and listening skills through targeted activities. This ensures that the children develop a secure proficiency in reading and writing.

In Maths, using the Busy Ant scheme, the children gain a fluency in the skills that they need to master in Maths. Some of the topics covered in Year 1 are, addition and subtraction, shapes, multiplication and division, measurement and money and problem solving.

During the Year the children are given the opportunity to perform to their peers, take  on small roles of responsibility and become more independent in all aspects of classroom life, ready for all the fantastic experiences that await them in Year 2. 

Year 2 

In Year 2, pupils consolidate and build on the work completed in Year 1, with the main emphasis on English and Maths.  Within the English curriculum we gain greater phonic awareness, read a variety of texts and focus on key comprehension skills in preparation for the journey to Common Entrance and 11+. We enjoy poetry, explore non-fiction texts and writing and delve deep into different stories to support independent writing.

Maths concepts are studied in fun ways. We weigh out ingredients to make cakes, learning grams and kilograms in the process and of course, we spend time on number and calculation as well. The boys are challenged daily through using Doodle Maths, an ipad game where the boys develop their mental maths skills. This support all class work and runs alongside the Maths curriculum. 

Science is class based and teacher led covering a variety of topics. A trip to the Science Museum is loved by all.  During the Summer Term, trips to The Natural History Museum provide the children with first hand experiences of the living world.

Autumn Term trips to Hampton Court Palace and The National Portrait Gallery extend our History lessons on the Tudors.  It also helps the boys to settle into their new class and become aware of the safety and behavioural aspects of going on a trip. Other subject areas are The Plague, the Great Fire of London and Florence Nightingale. 

Art and Design and Technology lessons extend the pupils learning in a variety of subject and the Head of Art and Design teaches the children a variety of key skills over the course of the year.  

With an increase in writing, a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and more in- depth subject knowledge and skills across the curriculum, the children are well equipped to take the next step to the Juniors.