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Residential Trips

Residential trips offer a plethora of benefits that extend beyond the confines of traditional learning environments. Firstly, they foster personal and social development by encouraging pupils to step out of their comfort zones and build relationships with peers.

The immersive nature of these trips often helps in cultivating essential life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. Additionally, residential trips can provide a hands-on educational experience; for instance, by engaging with nature, children can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for subjects like history, geography, and science. The change of setting also often rejuvenates the mind, promoting mental well-being and a sense of adventure.

Residential trips, which start with a one-night stay away at the end of Year 2, are an invaluable investment in holistic education, enriching the academic journey with lifelong memories and learnings. 

Residential Trips planned for the Academic Year 2023/24:

Year 2 - 1 night stay at High Ashurst

Year 3 - 2 night stay at High Ashurst

Year 4 - 2 night stay at High Ashurst

 Year 5 - 3 night PGL

 Year 6 - 4 night Outward Bound

 Years 4-6 - optional cultural trip/skiing trip annually 

2023-24 Cultural Trip to Verona

Following the successful trip to Austria to ski and Ullswater for outdoor adventure, we're eagerly looking forward to the next big adventure - a cultural trip to the enchanting city of Verona next Easter ‘24 for our Year 4 to 6 pupils. Known for its rich history, architectural beauty, and the famous backdrop of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", Verona offers an unrivalled cultural experience. We plan to visit not only major attractions, but incorporate elements of music and sport in order to broaden the children’s historical and cultural understanding, exposing them to diverse experiences that go beyond textbooks. We hope to inspire a love for travel, curiosity for different cultures, and an understanding of our shared human heritage.