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Joining Us at 7+ (Year 3) 2024

At the heart of our 7+ process lies the vision to ensure a seamless integration for children entering an established class and contributing positively to the learning environment. We understand that selecting the right school is a significant decision for families. Our 7+ entry process is thoughtfully designed to assess not only the academic capabilities but also the personal attributes and values of the candidates. We are looking for enthusiastic learners who will become an integral part of our community and uphold the values that are important to us. Read on for our new approach to the 7+:

Immersive Taster Days 

In the spirit of providing an authentic experience to our prospective pupils, we are excited to introduce group taster days. These days replace the previous Saturday assessment mornings, and offer a more comprehensive glimpse into everyday school life. Children will spend the entire day within the Year 2 classroom, participating in lessons and activities alongside their potential classmates.

Academic Assessment 

As part of our admissions process, candidates will undertake standardised English and Maths assessments. These paper-based tests are designed to gauge a child’s academic skills in relation to the existing cohort, ensuring that they are poised to thrive in our nurturing and challenging environment. We will request a copy of your child’s latest school report, and we will seek a confidential reference from your child’s current school.

Engagement & Values 

Beyond academic abilities, we are deeply committed to fostering a culture that resonates with our core values. During the Taster Days, our teachers will observe candidates’ engagement in class and their interaction with peers. We are keen to welcome children who embody the values of our school community, such as respect, kindness, and a love for learning.

Joining an Existing Cohort 

We believe it’s important to underscore that children entering at 7+ will be joining an existing cohort. This vibrant group has already started their learning journey together, and the newcomers need to be capable of positively blending in. It is essential that candidates are able to build harmonious relationships with their classmates, contribute to discussions, and actively participate in the ongoing classroom dynamics.

Next Steps 

Taster days will be held from the autumn term of Year 2 and may run through the year, depending on availability of places.   Please register your child (click here) and you will be notified of the next available session.